16 Oct 64 : Partying in style : RMS Queen Elizabeth 

There is a great spirit of adventure on board. During the dance we befriended a fellow who looked very lonely, who had a fantastic story to tell (which is much too complicated to explain), he was a Czech and an artist. Absolutely immaculate and very rich, only 27, and due to his problems had been drunk for six weeks. He suggested we tried the first class dance. We were a bit dubious but decided to have a crack, we all looked very smart and brazenly waltzed in and no one said a word. Donald Campbell and his wife were there dancing and it was all very deluxe...

15 Oct 64 : Sailing to America : RMS Queen Elizabeth 

I asked the lift attendant where the tourist class dances were held. He looked shocked and actually said: “Christ Almighty, how should I know, I’m First Class”, whereupon I got very annoyed and told him that I imagined as he worked on board, he ought to know...his reply to this was that he had been on the Queen Elizabeth for 16 years, and had never been to the tourist section.