In the 1960s, my father Tony spent over three years travelling all around the world with his best friend Colin. Two quintessentially British young men, they set off to find adventure, and they found it again and again, all over the world.

They had innumerable scrapes and adventures as they traversed the continents – all chronicled in Dad’s funny, detailed and atmospheric letters home to his family in Bristol.

These are letters from foreign lands, from a time before the tourist trail became a well-beaten path from one youth hostel to the next. Letters from a time before travellers had constant contact via mobiles and the internet, before Instagram and Tripadvisor, before social media and global 24-hour rolling news.

These letters paint fascinating pictures of the 1960s in all corners of the globe, and offer glimpses of local cultures which had not become yet consumed by the worldwide homogeneity of today. And they chronicle the journey of two young men as they broke free of Britain’s stultifying post-war class system and austerity to embrace a whole world of freedom and adventure.

I hope to regularly upload letters and photos from his collection – with additional notes to share the extra details which Dad decided not to post home to his mother….

I hope you enjoy as much as we do. x

Below is a picture of Dad when he was working as a geologist’s assistant in the outback in Queensland, Australia.

The American company he was working for were looking for coal.