4 Nov 65 : Sailing into little Auckland : New Zealand

This continues the letter dated 31st October 1965, which began:

Tasman Sea

Dear family,

Thursday 4th November

We are at this moment sailing into a bay and can see Auckland ahead. It looks more like a fishing village actually and so far we have seen no large buildings. We saw New Zealand for the first time last night and I liked the look of it straight away.

It looked green and had white cliffs and golden beaches. As we rounded the northernmost tip and went down the east side of the North Island the sea became calm again as we were once more in the Pacific.


Mission bay auckland postcard front
Vintage postcard of Mission Bay, Auckland
Auckland 1965 postcard
1965 postcard captioned: Queen Street, Auckland, N.I.


We had excellent references from the Captain last night and these would do for a job, as well as for another working passage (we hope) – so we are quite pleased.

We are now busily packing and trying to fit in all the extra bits and pieces we have collected. We have several large plastic containers which we shall use for fuel and water on our trip overland from India.

Well, I can’t think of anything else to tell you. I’m sorry this letter is shorter than usual but life at sea is a bit dull. I’m sure there will be lots to tell you in my next letter.

So until then, look after yourselves.


Tone  xxxx

Note from Tony: This reference to Auckland looking like a fishing village really made me laugh when I re-read this letter. Only the other evening, we saw a TV programme featuring Auckland, which now of course looks like any other major city, with skyscrapers and high rise buildings everywhere.

What a difference fifty-plus years can make!!

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