2 Nov 65 : Riding rough waters : The Cap Finisterre, Tasman Sea

This continues the letter dated 31st October 1965, which began:

Tasman Sea

Dear family,

Tuesday 2nd November

The last two days have been murder. It’s been very rough and not very pleasant. It’s been so rough that the sea has been pouring in through our porthole which frequently goes right under the water. At times it looks as if we are in a submarine.


stormy sea image
Photo free stock image from Rawpixel


We have given up trying to stop the water coming in – and last night it poured in over the table and onto the floor pretty continuously. We have had lots of breakages and now I have a lot less dishes to wipe!!

At one point I saw a whole lot of things shooting off a table and I dived for, and saved, the most precious thing there – the Captain’s teapot! All the rest were smashed!!


Cap Finisterre at Auckland NZ 2
Tony’s photo of the Cap Finisterre in dock


I thought I was going to get through the rough spell but didn’t quite make it, and yesterday was seasick twice. Still, considering how rough it is, for me that’s pretty good. None of us are sleeping very well as we get thrown around such a lot, and the noise is terrific.

Colin made me laugh today. He said that last night he had had a very long dream – about Nigel. He dreamt he was at a school concert and there up on the stage at a piano was Nigel, who gave the most fantastic rendering of a great classical piece of music. When he ended the audience went mad and all stood up clapping and cheering.

Nigel then walked down the aisle towards Colin and as he passed him said, out of the corner of his mouth, “Not very good I’m afraid – a very rushed performance” – which sounds like a typical Nigel remark!!



Only one more working day now and we are supposed to dock at noon on Thursday – and then all our troubles start. However I shall be more than happy to face them if only to get off this blasted boat. It’s beginning to feel like a prison now.

How I pity the crew – what a horrible life. When we get off I would like to drive a hundred miles or so just for the fun of it – after being restricted for so long.

To be continued… 

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