16 Oct 65 : The days are long : Cap Finisterre, Pacific Ocean

This continues the letter dated 10th October 1965, which began:

Pacific Ocean,

Dear family,

Saturday 16th October

Well, we have crossed the International Date Line and it is now Saturday.

Actually a very funny thing has happened. We left England last year on October 15th and we had decided to celebrate our first year away on this October 15th. But unfortunately this was the day that was lost – so we never did have an ‘anniversary’!!

The sea continues to be calm for most of the time, and very blue. We have continuous sunshine but it is steadily getting colder. When we left Tahiti it was 84 degrees and the next night the temperature dropped 14 degrees to 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

I never thought 70 degrees would feel so cold. It has remained much the same since, but feels much colder.


Albatross in Pacific Region
Albatross in Pacific Region, credit: USFWS [Public domain]

Today four huge Albatross are following the boat. They have immense wingspans and just glide effortlessly in formation waiting for titbits. The New Zealand photographer spends hours photographing them with a telescopic lens, as he has done with the flying fish also.

We shall be arriving in Sydney at noon on Wednesday, and we are all looking forward to this very much. It gets very tedious at sea, and I can’t understand why anyone would want to make a career of it. There’s only one way to see the world and that’s the way we are doing it.

We play table tennis every night as it’s the only thing to do, and the result is that we are both getting very good at it. But we have found a game of Chinese Checkers which is now helping to pass the evenings away, as table tennis got a bit stale. We play this for hours on end.

Tony in America
Tony (taken in America before setting sail)


Every few days the clocks go back an hour and this makes the evenings even longer. Last night I was so bored I went to bed and slept from 9pm till 8am this morning.

I have never eaten quite so well before. I seem to be eating all day long.

To be continued…

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