7 Oct 65 : Sailing to Tahiti : Cap Finisterre, Pacific Ocean

This continues the letter dated 29 September 1965, which began,

Cap Finisterre, Pacific Ocean

Dear family,

Thursday 7th October

We are all getting rather excited now as we are rapidly approaching Tahiti, and tomorrow we will start to see some of the surrounding Islands. It will be great to see land again. The weather continues to be very hot and sunny, but not quite as humid as it was. The best part of the day is still a cold shower at the end of the day!!


Cap Finisterre at Auckland NZ 2
Tony’s photo of the Cap Finisterre
on cap finisterre
Tony’s photo: On the Cap Finisterre, crossing the Pacific


Had a very bad day yesterday. The chief steward went on a ‘blinder’ and was blind drunk all day. He was very difficult and was not even capable of serving the passengers. So Heinz and I had to do everything. Today, however, he is very sober and apologetic and giving us loads of time off as compensation.

I find it hard to believe we have really left the USA. I really liked it there and was quite sorry to leave, especially as California was such a terrific place to be. However, I have heard lots about New Zealand from the passengers that live there, and it, too, sounds a fabulous place.

Some of the scenery there is fantastic apparently and we are looking forward to seeing this very much indeed. Food is supposed to be very cheap so we should be able to live really cheaply.

Just arrived in Tahiti!!

Must get this off. Place looks fabulous.

Tell you all about it in next letter.

Tone  x x

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