5 Oct 65 : Approaching the equator : Cap Finisterre, Pacific Ocean

This continues the letter dated 29 September 1965, which began,

Cap Finisterre, Pacific Ocean

Dear family,

Tuesday 5th October

We are now getting very close to the Equator and should cross it sometime tonight. To celebrate this event there is a big feast and party for the passengers, which may be great for them – but for me simply means that I have to work longer washing up the dishes.

How I hate washing dishes, I have washed millions and there are millions more to come! It’s so monotonous doing the same thing over and over again, but I keep reminding myself of the money we are saving, and that helps to make it bearable.


By TAKA@P.P.R.S - ちゅらククル石垣島-35.jpg, CC BY-SA 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=57915741


The fellow I was telling you about earlier (the photographer from New Zealand) has started to write an article about the three of us from Bristol, and is taking pictures of us on the boat and at work. He hopes to sell it to a Bristol newspaper (possibly to ‘Bristol Weekend’) so you may see us in that.

We should be arriving in Tahiti on Saturday but will only be staying a short time as there is only 600 tons of cargo to be taken off. Still, it will give us enough time to rent a motorcycle and charge around the place.

The food continues to be good and I am eating like a horse. I get loads of extras and the other day I ate three fillet steaks!!


on cap finisterre
On the deck of the Cap Finisterre


The weather has turned unbearable – very hot and sticky. Sleep is very difficult and some of the crew now sleep on deck. Unfortunately we also get some sharp tropical rainstorms and they have to dash back when this happens. Apparently it’s always like this on the Equator, but about two days after we have gone over it, the weather improves.

The only thing I have seen for 7 days, apart from the sea, is some flying fish and one bird. The boat chugs on relentlessly, and I’m sure when it finally stops the silence will be shattering.

To be continued… 

Note: After arriving in New Zealand, Tony and Colin didn’t see Jim the photographer again, and never found out whether he sold the article on their workaway trip. I’d love to find it but who knows where/if/when it might have been published! Sooo frustrating…

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