2 Oct 65 : Boredom and booze at sea : Cap Finisterre, Pacific Ocean

This continues the letter dated 29 September 1965, which began:

Cap Finisterre, Pacific Ocean

Dear family,

Saturday October 2nd

Well, it’s Saturday today and now Nigel and Linda are married. I was thinking of you on Thursday although due to the time difference it was 2.30 in the morning here, when they were actually married, and I was fast asleep.

I expect you are settling down to a new way of life by now and I hope you will all be very happy. It will be ages yet before I get all the news of the wedding but I am looking forward to hearing about it very much indeed.


Nigel at his sister Carol’s wedding in July 1965
Linda at Carol’s wedding


We are ‘speeding’ along at 17 miles per hour which seems a ridiculously slow speed to be travelling for a distance of 7000 miles – but I suppose we will get there sooner or later. At the moment we are approaching the Equator and it is getting progressively hotter. The sea is a brilliant blue and seems to get more blue every day. Thankfully the sea is quite calm, but even so I was seasick on the first day – but have been fine ever since.

I am sure the passengers are bored stiff as there is absolutely nothing to do on board. They just eat, sleep and drink. One, a big fat American blonde (who the other passengers say is running away from something) is getting very bad tempered and resorting to the bottle. One day she drank a whole bottle of gin and passed out.


on cap finisterre
On the deck of the Cap Finisterre


There is a woman from England on board, she is a nurse from Brighton and made a lot of money by going to the States to nurse a woman with cancer. She is now on her way to Australia to visit some friends. All the others are Yanks, Aussies, or New Zealanders and seem quite a nice bunch.

One fellow is a freelance press photographer and always has his two cameras with him. I think he is expecting something dramatic to happen – like the ship sinking!! He maintains that this sort of thing happens when he hasn’t got his camera with him.

He wanders around the South Sea Islands living with the natives, and has some marvellous photos, which he frequently gets into papers and magazines.

To be continued… 

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Note from Tiffany: I’m dying to find out who this photographer was, to see whether any of his photos of Tony and Colin on board are still in existence, but unfortunately all Tony can remember is that he was called Jim and he was from New Zealand. If anyone has any ideas how to identify him, please shout!!  

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