17 Sept 65 : Last days in America : San Diego, California

This continues the letter dated 14 September 1965, which began:

Dear family,

Friday 17th September

Today we are on a beach watching the surfers in action. The weather for the past two days hasn’t been too good and this has made the sea a bit choppy and the surf quite good.

There are lots of surfers out in the sea doing the most fantastic things on their boards. It’s a sport I would love to have a go at – but not today!!


p61 san diego, california. spectacular air view
Tony’s postcard, captioned: San Diego, California. Spectacular air view of San Diego shows the centre city buildings and port of this ever expanding Metropolis.


p60 san diego at night california
Tony’s postcard, captioned: SAN DIEGO AT NIGHT San Diego skyline with the Freeway Interchange. Looking south from Balboa Park.

We spent the morning cleaning and waxing the van in preparation for the sea voyage. We are hoping that it won’t get too wet on the journey.

There is something I want to ask Dad. Can you tell me what will happen when we eventually bring the van back to England? In New Zealand we have to give the government a bond of 120% of the value of the vehicle – to ensure that we don’t sell it. Will the same thing apply in England and, if so, when would we get this money back (and how)?

I think that after a certain period of time you are allowed to sell it. I imagine that after this time has elapsed you are given your money back, however this is all guesswork. Could you find out all the facts and let me know?  I would be most grateful if you would.

Well, I must get this letter in the post so I will end now. I hope you are all well and settling down to normality once again after all the excitement of the wedding.

I am looking forward to picking up some mail soon in LA.

Look after yourselves,

All my love.

Tony xxxx

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