1 Sept 65 : Living with the girls : San Francisco, California

This continues the letter dated 27th August 1965 which began:

Dear family,

Wednesday 1st September     

Yesterday afternoon, after having a quick look around, we had a meal on the harbour front, and then decided to look up the two girls from Bristol, whose address Jennie had given me when in Bristol.

We soon found them and they were absolutely delighted to see us, and made us feel very welcome. In fact they invited us to move in, which of course we did immediately. So we are now experiencing the luxuries of a real home. There are four girls here (two American) and they are all very nice.

The third girl from Bristol, who came over with these two, is in Los Angeles. She met a multi-millionaire who was supposed to be marrying her. He bought her a fabulous car for her birthday which she still has, although the engagement is now off. So she did quite well out of that little romance!!


P52 FISHERMAN'S WHARF - is a must for every visitor to San Francisco California
Tony’s postcard, captioned: FISHERMAN’S WHARF – is a “must” for every visitor to San Francisco. This lagoon and its colourful deep sea fishing fleet is nearly surrounded with palatial sea food restaurants and gift shops.


Today we spent in the town doing some business, and got all our rebates on our tickets. We then went to the offices of the Columbus Line – who we are hoping to work for.

We started asking about sailing dates etc, and they soon realised that we wanted to work our passage, and they showed us a list of people all wanting to do the same. They estimated that it could be Christmas before we get on a boat, as their policy is ‘first come first served’ – and there were about 25 people before us!!

We then used our trump card and brought up the subject of shipping the Volkswagen, and got a quote. I then said that we would give them the business, if they would give us priority – to which the horrible, smarmy German said “I’m sure it can be arranged”.

There is a boat leaving L.A. on 21st September which goes straight to Tahiti, then Australia (two calls) and then New Zealand. So they are going to call the ship today and try and get us on it (depending on the captain’s requirements) and if they can do it, we shall pay for the van’s shipment.

We have to go in on Friday when they will know for certain. The beauty of it is (if it can be arranged) is that the van will be on the same boat as us. So let’s hope that the news on Friday will be favourable.


Tony’s postcard, captioned: CABLE CAR ON SAN FRANCISCO HILL, a TYPICAL San Francisco scene. The Cable Car climbing the steep Hyde St. Hill. Alcatraz and the San Francisco Bay in the background.

We spent the rest of the day sightseeing and realised that San Francisco is the most beautiful city. It must be one of the greatest places in the world. It is clean and modern and cool. All the streets are full of quaint little houses very much like the mews in London – all painted white and pastel shades of pink and green and blue. It is a fantastically hilly place and has some of the steepest hills I have ever seen.

We have seen lots of the famous San Francisco cable cars – sort of trams that go up the steep hills. They are covered with people hanging on all over them. There are lots of things to see here but we have plenty of time to see them all.


Tony’s postcard, captioned: THE GOLDEN GATE Aerial view of Golden Gate Bridge, the approach freeway through the Presidio, the Toll Plaza and distant high hills of Marin County. The tides race through this one-mile opening between the ocean and San Francisco Bay at speeds about 10 miles per hour.


Tonight, on the way home, we had several views of the famous Golden Gate Bridge but as yet haven’t been across it. There are lots of English people here (as there are most nationalities) and many of them have come up to us and spoken to us.

Well, I must end now to get this off to you. Once again many thanks for your letters and all your news, and I hope I shall get all the rest as successfully.

At the moment it looks as though we shall be leaving L.A. on September 21st, so keep writing to LA Main Post Office until then.

Look after yourselves, and keep writing.

Cheerio for now.


Tone xxxx

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