27 Aug 65 : Beach holiday : Carmel, California

This continues the letter dated 20 August 1965, which began:

Dear family,

Friday 27th August

We spent a pleasant night in the car park overlooking all the millionaires’ yachts in the Monterey Marina. We have all mod cons nearby (even hot showers). It’s a delightful place and we shall stay around the bay here until Monday, when we plan to start work.


Tony’s postcard, captioned: MONTEREY BAY CALIFORNIA’S “CIRCLE OF ENCHANTMENT” A part of the colourful fishing fleet riding in “snug-harbor” behind the breakwater on the sparkling blue waters of the Pacific. The end of the popular Fisherman’s Wharf is seen on right.


Due to all our signs on the back of the van (listing the stopping points on their world trip) many people ask to speak to us, and last night a young couple from Los Angeles spoke to us for a long time and invited us to their home when we get down there. They said that they will throw a barbecue for us, so that should be very enjoyable.

Well, I want to get this off now, before the weekend so I will wind it up.

I’m sorry our plans keep changing so much, but it makes life very eventful for us. So from now on write to LA and I will get your letters there. I am looking forward to having some mail at San F soon, and hearing how you all are.

Well that’s all for now.

Look after yourselves.

Love, Tone


Later that day….


Friday 27th August 1965

Dear Mum, Dad, Nigel, and Carol,

At the moment I am at a place called Carmel which is really fabulous. It is very near Monterey and has a wonderful beach and beautiful blue sea. Many of the famous Hollywood stars have their homes here and the whole place reeks of money. The shops here are amongst the most fashionable and exclusive I have ever seen.


Tony’s postcard, captioned: CARMEL BEACH, CARMEL CALIFORNIA. A crescent of glistening sand and rolling surf.


We have spent today here lazing on the beach and generally taking it easy. Unfortunately you can’t swim in the sea here due to very dangerous currents, sharks, and also the water is icy cold which is a very good reason for not going in. It’s been very hot but with a cool breeze which has made it very pleasant.

Tonight we shall go back to the marina car park at Monterey and spend the night there. All these seaside resorts seem to close down very early at night and there isn’t a lot to do really – so we usually go to bed quite early. We now have my alarm clock fitted in the van and we can at last get up fairly early.


NORMANDY INN. Carmel-by-the-Sea, California
Tony’s postcard, captioned: NORMANDY INN. Carmel-by-the-Sea, California

I hope you are all well and are having good weather. I suppose all the hullabaloo of the wedding has died down by now. I have been wondering where Carol and Chris went for their honeymoon. I expect she’s settling down to being a full-time housewife now. I hope all the photographs came out well.


Tony’s mum at his sister’s wedding


I forgot to tell you that when I showed my photographs to Mrs Smith in Colorado Springs, she asked me to point out my parents – and was amazed how young you looked. She seemed to find it very hard to believe that you were my mother!

To be continued… 

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