8 July 65 : Preparing for change : Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

…The one where Tony is looking forward to his surprise trip home for his sister Carol’s  wedding… 


Thursday 8th of July 1965

Dear Family,

I had two letters from Mum yesterday and one from Carol today, and I am glad to hear that you are all well. I am delighted that you are all so pleased about my surprise. I thought you would be.

I’m glad that you will be able to meet me as I shall have quite a bit of luggage. Not much for my own stay, but an awful lot of stuff that we brought and will never need – so I am bringing it back. Also we shan’t be experiencing another winter for two years, so our winter clothes won’t be needed. That’s one thing we have learnt to do – travel light.

On our 6 months with SKF I lived out of my little holdall. So I shall have a large cardboard box with all our unwanted gear in it! We don’t know what to do about our tent, as we have decided to buy a smaller one. I can’t bring it with me, but we may send it through the post. I am also bringing home two of the three suits I brought over. (I have used one, about six times in the last six months).


img140 somewhere in America
Tony with the campervan, USA


Things here are moving along nicely. The job we have is a bit spasmodic, but we are averaging about $60 a week for 3 days work. This is ample as we only spend about $10 each max. As the job is only casual we have to phone in and they tell us if they need us.

Yesterday we were sent to another place to work, and had a very easy day loading cans of soft drinks onto trucks. We could drink as much as we liked – free. This job was a welcome relief from the other place – where we work like slaves. Unfortunately we are back there tonight. Still, I only have two weeks before I leave for England so I should be able to last that long.

We had a very pleasant evening the other day. We went up to our ex boss’s house (Mr Barrows) to show him our campervan. He bought a similar thing about a month ago, and we compared the two. They thought ours was great and were very impressed. Theirs, being American, made ours look tiny by comparison. They are leaving shortly to tour California in theirs, and are taking the whole family (a boy and a girl).


img382 Colin by stretched limo – USA
Colin posing by a stretch limo, USA


They have been to California before and we spent the rest of the evening watching their movies of their last trip. They have invited us to dinner on Sunday so naturally as it’s a free meal we accepted. That means two free dinners in a row as we have another one on Saturday. We have also been invited to dinner by Pat and Tony – so we are doing alright!!

Vi has had the go-ahead for her house and work may start next week, so she could be marrying Herb quite soon now.

We have made arrangements for our money to be transferred to San Francisco, and believe it or not our new bank is called ‘Wells Fargo’ so we shall probably see Jim Hardy when we go in!!

Well, I am writing this in the garden and as it’s very hot I should now have a swim in our pool. More news later.

To be continued… 

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