10 July 65 : Sweaty labour and top hats : Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

This continues the letter dated 8th July 1965, which began:

Dear family, 

Saturday 10th July

We have just finished another gruelling week at the trucking terminal. Its absolute agony and I hate it, but unfortunately I love the money.

It’s stinking hot at the moment and extremely humid. At the terminal we all work so hard that everybody, after only a few minutes, has a wet shirt and it stays wet until we go home. We have to shift anything from a bundle of brooms to a huge piece of machinery. Last night we finished at 3 a.m. and went home and got into the pool, as we felt so dirty. We have been all day today, so far, trying to get ourselves and our clothes clean.


Tony, USA


We did three days this week which is enough for me. We did a bit of overtime one night and that should mean that for this week we should get about $75, which will be very welcome.

I see I have already been allocated a job at the wedding – as an usher. I would like to mention that I don’t think I should be asked to do any driving if it’s possible. Since we have been here I have driven nearly 30,000 miles – all on the other side of the road, and I think to change back to the English side will now be more difficult than it was to change to this way. However, if I have to, then I certainly will.

I haven’t told anyone at the terminal that I am going home. If I did I would be fired on the spot (a man was fired recently for sitting down on a packing case). But I’m sure they would think I was a Lord or something if they saw me in ‘Topper and Tails‘. Colin says I should go to the church in a forklift truck! I am certainly looking forward to a rest (for a few days at least) so don’t ask me to ‘Snowcem’ (paint) the house as soon as I arrive!

We are going to buy a roof rack for the campervan as we shall be a bit cramped with the trunk inside, so Carol’s dream was fairly accurate – which is a great coincidence!

To be continued… 

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