14 June 65 : Drunk in charge of a mule : Alabama

This continues the letter dated 9 June 1965, which began:

Dear Family,

Monday 14th June

We had a very pleasant drive back to Alabama on Sunday from Florida, and on the way we saw a very funny sight. It was in a town called Talladega in Alabama.

We saw the cops arresting an old, old coloured couple. They both looked about 100 and were completely drunk, and were driving a mule-drawn cart through the middle of the town. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen anyone drunk in charge of a mule and cart!!


1965 05 Alabama horse drawn cart
Tony’s photo of a mule-drawn cart. Pretty sure these guys are sober though!


Well, once again all our plans have changed and we are now heading west again. We had a phone call last night saying that we have to go to Memphis, Tennessee, and do a job there – and then on to Marriana, Arkansas, to do another – so we shall probably be able to get into Texas after all. The weather has gone back to normal, very hot indeed and this afternoon it was almost unbearable.

We have been joined for a short while by Al, one of the other changeover men, and also this afternoon our boss appeared (we were all in the pool at the time) so we shall probably have a bit of a ‘do’ tonight.

Al lives in Philadelphia and has invited us to his home for a meal when we return, and also has suggested that we go on some camping trips with him to the Poconos Mountains.

The meal is a certainty but we don’t know about the camping as we haven’t a great deal of time left before we set off for New Zealand.

Things seem to be rushing up at us at an incredible speed and we don’t seem to have planned a thing yet. Still I suppose it will all get done sooner or later.

Well, I must end now once again. I hope you are all well and getting on well with all the wedding arrangements.

I was very sorry to hear that ‘Bomber’ Jones has been ill. I certainly hope he hasn’t got anything serious. It’s difficult to imagine him being ill.

All the best. All my love.


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