2 June 65 : A very curious postal drop : Jackson, Alabama

This continues the letter dated 1st June 1965 which began:

Dear Family, 

Wednesday 2nd June

Well that elusive mail has finally caught up with us at last. It has been everywhere we have been for the last week, and we had a phone call telling us that it would be on the front seat of a Pontiac at a certain place – and that’s where we at last got it!


1965 06 02 Pontiac interior
The interior of a 1965 Pontiac


I was pleased to hear that you all saw the film again. (Note: this was cinefilm footage of Tony and Colin on their travels in America.) Sounded like the Odeon judging by the size of the audience!! We shall have to try and borrow Herb’s camera and shoot some more film for you to see.

I am delighted to hear that Carol is looking so well, and enjoying her new job so much. It’s a pity she couldn’t have done her four years there – she would be pretty well off by now.

Tomorrow is the day of the space shot and we are going to watch it on TV. We are being awakened at 6 o’clock, and will watch the blast off.  We have arranged our work so that we shall be by the pool most of the day doing some paperwork, and will keep dashing in, between dips and work, to watch it on TV – what a life!!



It’s been very hot today and at 6 o’clock it was still 89 degrees, and we were in the pool until 7 o’clock. We should be quite fit by now as these sessions are a constant battle of trying to beat each other at everything – from floating to jumping.

I was speaking to the office today and they said that our car is to stay down here in the south, so it looks as though we shall definitely be flying back to Philadelphia which should be a great experience.

To be continued… 

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