31 May 65 : Post problems, heat and mozzies : Mobile, Alabama

This continues the letter dated 27th May 1965, which began:

Dear Family,

Monday 31st May

I have been so busy that I haven’t written a great deal this week, so I am going to add some now and dash this in the post.

We haven’t had any mail for some time. This is because a large parcel of it has been chasing around the country after us for nearly two weeks. We always miss it by a day or so, which is very annoying.

Today we finally caught up with it but couldn’t get it because it is a national holiday and there were no deliveries – so it was in the post office, and as we had to move on this afternoon we have missed it again. Still, I suppose it will catch up with us sooner or later.

1960s postcard of Travelodge in Mobile, Alabama

Upon our return from the coast we both discovered that we are covered in mosquito bites, and these have developed into huge itchy bumps. I now realise why there are so many anti mosquito devices on the market. We shall certainly make use of them next time.

(Tony notes:  I think this was probably the first time Colin and I had ever experienced mosquitos. We certainly wouldn’t have come across any in the UK, as far as I remember.)

Last night at the motel we were staying at, the owner, a woman, invited us into her home for a drink and a chat – and we had a very interesting evening.

We do get a bit tired of people continually wanting to talk to us – especially when we are working, as it holds us up, but they are all so friendly down here that it is difficult to be rude to them, so we spend hours talking as a result.  We get the same old jokes about tea, the Beatles, and ‘old chap’ – these are regulars but the favourite is that we drink ‘hot beer’.

It’s funny how you soon adjust to the weather. A few months ago 80° to me was terrible, and I thought I wouldn’t be able to stand it – but now when it is 90 and above during the day, then when it drops to 80 in the evenings, it seems beautifully cool – which to you I expect seems very odd.

Well I will end now as I have finally run out of things to say.  Give my regards to all the neighbours.

All my love, 


p.s. How is Mrs Anderson these days?

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