26 April 65 : World’s Fair, colour TV – and adopting US style : New Jersey, USA

This continues the letter dated 18th April 1965, which began: 

Dear family,

Monday 26th

We are now down in New Jersey again and this time right on the coast at a little place called Tom’s River. Bob has gone off to do another job, and will rejoin us tomorrow.

Up until now he has been sharing with us, it does work out cheaper, but mainly he joins us for the company. We have had a lot of laughs and learnt a lot of American expressions from him.

Just for a laugh I sometimes call Colin by his middle name – Royston, which Colin always finds very annoying. Bob picked this up immediately and adapted it in true American fashion to “Royst Baby” which makes Colin madder than ever.

However, back to our sharing with Bob, we have decided to split up as we don’t get on in one respect – the temperature of the room! Anything below 70°F to him is cold, and last night he couldn’t sleep as it went down to 69°F!!

He had Colin’s blankets and a sweater on, but was still cold. If we put it up to suit him we can’t sleep so we have decided that it will be best if he has a single room, which he will have to do when he rejoins us tomorrow.

We learned today from our boss that he has some free tickets for the Fair, so we may go again. I certainly wouldn’t pay to go again!

1965 04 26 World Fair transit map 1
Tony’s 1965 World’s Fair subway map


1965 04 26 World Fair transit map stitched image


I forgot to mention earlier that we went into the SKF Pavilion at the fair, and were invited to the VIP lounge and had a few drinks. We were invited to sign the visitor’s book and I was the second from England to sign.

My tastes have changed a little since I have been here, and I am not quite so conservative now, and the other day bought a very American looking windcheater in blue and red. Six months ago I wouldn’t have worn it, but now I feel quite at home in it. The next thing is a Stetson!!

I forgot to mention that when we went to the Fair we went into the RCA Pavilion. These are the people who make colour TV sets. They have a complete colour TV studio set up there, and have shows televised from there.


RCA_Pavilion By Doug Coldwell httpscommons.wikimedia.orgwindex.phpcurid=1607233
Photo of RCA Pavillion at the 1964-65 NYWF, in public domain, thanks to photographer Doug Coldwell httpscommons.wikimedia.orgwindex.phpcurid=1607233

We went on a tour and saw a show in progress. The sets are considered very expensive here, but are only £100. An ordinary set (new) is $150 which is only £50 (I am referring to black and white).

Well I have now run out of things to say so I will end now.

Look after yourselves, and keep writing.

All my love

Tony xxxx

To be continued… 

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1965 04 26 World's Fair large map side A


Stitched Page 2


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