22 April 65 : Corrupt cops and wealthy nurses : Rochester, USA

This continues the letter dated  18th April 1965, which began: 

Dear family,

Thursday 22nd

Today we were at the warehouse talking to some of the fellows, when the door opened and in walked two of the most deadly looking men I have ever seen – and they were cops!!

They were both huge thuggish looking types, and looked evil and dangerous. One was very dark-skinned and swarthy and had a thin black ‘Arthur English‘ type moustache. He was smoking a cigar and had thick rimmed sunglasses on. His jacket was undone and all he had underneath was a T-shirt and his gun protruded very obviously.

The other one had his cap on the back of his head and was chewing a toothpick. They went upstairs to the boss’s office, and we laughed when we heard that two such evil types were selling tickets for the annual Policemen’s Ball.

However we were amazed when everyone said they had tickets at $6.50 a time. They explained that this is the best possible insurance you can buy! Without a ticket you are done for – and couldn’t get away with anything, but with a ticket you at least stand a chance!! It’s a form of bribery really.

QE the girls
The girls


I had a letter yesterday from one of the girls we came over on the boat with. She went to Boston and is a nurse, (she is not one of the three I used to tell you about). She had the job all fixed up before she came, and is doing very well.

She gets over $100 a week and has a beautiful apartment provided. She works a very short week (40 hours). They do no other work other than pure nursing – all beds etc are done by ‘aides’. She said it is money for jam.

She is planning to buy a Volkswagen later this month and plans to go with another nurse on a two month tour of the States. As yet she has been nowhere in the States. She wants us to go and spend a weekend with her in Boston, so if we have to go back to New York we may pop up there for the weekend sometime.

I had my second film developed yesterday and looking at the negatives it looks as if they have all come out very well, so I will pick a selection and send some home. I now have three films, so I have plenty to choose from.

To be continued… 

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