21 April 65 : Hotel life and future travel plans : Rochester, USA

This continues the letter dated 18th April 1965, which began:

Dear family,

Wednesday 21st

We have been joined here in Rochester by another changeover man, Bob, a very nice fellow of 23 and we have all benefited by it.

He was in another motel in a single, so we suggested that if he came over and joined us at our motel (a beautiful place) we could all move into a large suite. He readily agreed, and we moved in today.

We have an enormous suite with everything – colour TV, bathroom scales, electric shoe buffer, a coffee machine, and enough space for about 50 people. It’s very plush and very pleasant. (Oh yes, we once again have a telephone in the bathroom!!)


1965 04 22 Rochester postcard
Postcard, caption reads: In this panoramic view from the “Top of the Plaza” Restaurant in Midtown Yower, Rochester, N. Y., the glistening Genesee River winds through the city, Eighteen-story Midtown Tower is at the south end of 7½ acre Midtown Plaza … the nation’s showplace.



We have been charging about all over the place around Rochester and have been to some quaint little places and seen some very nice countryside.

I had a letter today from Mum and I was pleased to hear that the small gift I sent for Carol has arrived safely. Her job sounds terrific. Colin and I are amazed that she has £12 clear. Neither of us got much more than that ourselves after all stoppages.

Fancy my sister being a Staff Nurse!! We can’t quite remember where this nursing home is. We have both seen it, we are quite sure, but can’t quite remember where. Let us know in your next letter to put us out of our misery.

No, I haven’t written to the office in Manchester I am ashamed to say. I will do it soon. I seem to have so many things to do by letter (because we are always on the move) that I seem to spend half my time travelling.

We seem to get an awful lot of official business to see to all the time – bank business, tax refunds, and now Selective Service. Always someone to write to. Oh well it’s nice to get mail back even if it’s only from the bank.

We are always writing in connection with our trip to New Zealand and Australia. We have had no success so far as getting to Tahiti. It just doesn’t seem possible, so it looks as if we shall have to go as we originally planned. That is via Fiji and Honolulu.

To be continued…

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NOTE: For a full list of the countries which Tony and Colin would go on to visit, please see the ‘About‘ page, as I’ve recently updated it with that information! 

1965 04 22 postcard Midtown Shopping Mall, Rochester NY
Postcard captioned: Midtown Shopping Mall, Rochester NY.


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