18 April 65 : Clashing with Canada and discussing 1960s celebs, Niagara Falls, USA

Sunday 18th April

Dear family,

As you can see from this paper we are back at Niagara Falls once more, and very glad to be back in America. We haven’t had much luck with the people in Canada I’m afraid. I don’t know if it’s them or us, but we can’t get on with them and don’t like them.

We wonder if we have trouble because we are English, for as you know they have recently dropped the Union Jack from their flag.

We had a lot of trouble in the hotel we stayed in (the best in Toronto) and had a row with the cashier – and then had a terrific argument with a car park attendant later, so all in all we are glad to be back in the USA and neither of us are particularly anxious to go back to Canada again.


Niagara Falls Postcard 7
Tony’s 1965 postcard of Niagara Falls


We couldn’t resist another peep at the falls and now they are in terrific flood. You can hardly see the falls for the spray which rises up from the bottom.

The motel we are staying in faces the river which leads to the falls, and as I write this now, I can look out and see the river racing by taking with it huge chunks of ice. As it’s Easter Sunday today there were lots of visitors at the Falls all getting soaked by the spray.


Half A Sixpence was a musical stage comedy written as a vehicle for UK pop star Tommy Steele. In 1967, he starred in the hit film version – and it was reprised as a musical in 2016. Image from https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?curid=39852980


Tommy Steele was in Toronto last night in his show ‘Half a Sixpence’ which has been very successful in the States and is now touring Canada. We tried to get seats but couldn’t.

Next, Anthony Newley is there in his new show. Also recently at the same theatre (a terrific new one called the ‘O’Keefe Centre’) Richard Burton did his performance of Hamlet! We talked to one woman who has seen it and she said it was wonderful.


1965 04 18 Richard Burton Hamlet
Richard Burton as Hamlet


Colin is always telling people I am Welsh and not English, so I use Richard Burton as an example of how good Welshmen are. They all like him very much, but we haven’t met anyone yet who has a good word for Elizabeth Taylor. Women especially despise her.

I shall be glad when the summer starts. The winter here seems to be dragging on forever.

To be continued… 

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