14 April 65 : Niagara Falls border problems : Rochester, USA

This continues the letter dated Tuesday 13th April 1965, which began:

Dear Family,

Wednesday 14th April

Well, today has been really eventful. It has been a beautiful day – warm and brilliantly clear. We set off for Rochester and went on a beautiful scenic drive through some beautiful countryside, and then along the coast of Lake Ontario and down to Niagara Falls to cross into USA.

We couldn’t resist another peep at the Falls, and we were jolly glad we did, as the Falls were quite different from the last time we were there. Most of the ice and snow has melted away and the river was clear today, so the whole thing looked very different.

Also the waterfall was very much more powerful, due to the fact that the snow up north in the mountains is now melting due to the coming of Spring, and the River Niagara was quite swollen and this made the Falls far more spectacular than last time.


Niagara Falls Postcard 6
Tony’s postcard of Niagara Falls


We then decided to cross back into America, and ran into a spot of bother with the customs and immigration people. It was ridiculous really. The reason we went to Canada at all was to avoid Pennsylvania, as the car licence plates had run out. It sort of backfired on us because we got stuck at the border and they wouldn’t let us through.

They were convinced we had been out of the country for ages, because the plates were so long out of date. It was all complicated by the fact that we are foreigners, and that the car doesn’t belong to us, or SKF, and that we were in Canada, and so it went on and on and on!! Anyhow, we finally sorted it out and were let back into the USA.

We drove to Rochester, met our new friends here, and discovered that we have to do a job at Niagara Falls. Which is ironical, when you think that we had travelled a whole weekend to see the Falls! Still it will be nice to go there yet again.

We have quite a bit of travelling to do in this area, and have been told that we may then be going down to Virginia to do some work down there.

To be continued…
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