27 March 65 : Finally enjoying the Freezing Falls! : Niagara Falls, Canada

This continues the letter dated 23rd of March 1965, which began: 

Dear Family,

Saturday 27th March

We had a beautiful drive across to Niagara this morning. The weather was perfect. Very cold, very clear, and a brilliant blue sky. Almost unbelievable, as it was snowing last night!

We arrived at the Falls at 12 noon and set to seeing all we could. The Falls are fabulous and well worth the terrific amount of travel we had to do to get here. We saw the Horseshoe Falls and the American Falls. I think to see them in winter is probably more beautiful than to see them in summer.


Tony’s postcard, captioned on rear: Winter ice and snow at Prospect Point, Niagara Falls.


The reason is that from the Falls there is a terrific amount of mist and spray. In winter, this freezes and everything becomes thickly coated with ice, and it makes everything look very pretty. Down at the bottom of the Falls the spray freezes into mountains of ice which rise probably 50 feet high. Today in the sunshine there were many rainbows.

Note: Tony vividly remembers the ice-coated trees above the Falls, which looked as if they were made of glass.  

We went to the place where you can go down in a lift and actually go behind the curtain of water. It costs $1, and for this you are supplied with rubber boots and a terrific rubber suit which covers you all over, even your head.


Niagara Falls March 1965 Tony 2
Tony in his rubber suit, keeping dry from the spray


Niagara Falls March 1965 Colin 2
Colin in his dashing rubber suit


You can then wander through tunnels and out onto various observation platforms. Due to the fact that it’s still winter everything was thick with ice, and many of the fences and railings were actually buried completely. We were often completely drenched with icy water and got very cold, but remained dry.  I took several photographs which I hope will come out ok.


Niagara Falls Plaza below Horseshoe Falls - observation plaza part of the famous tunnel trip at Table Rock
Tony’s postcard, captioned: Plaza below Horseshoe Falls – Observation plaza, part of the famous tunnel trip under the Horseshoe Falls at Table Rock.


Tonight the Falls will be lit up in colour, and we are hoping to have our evening meal in a restaurant at the top of a tower which overlooks the Falls. But I think it will probably be too expensive, in which case we will see the Falls from the car.

We had no trouble at all crossing back into the USA at the Falls, we simply had to show our alien cards and in we went. We are staying at a beautiful motel, the nearest to the Falls, and although we cannot see the actual waterfall we can see the spray and hear the roar – the roar which is pretty terrific especially when you are underneath it.


Niagara Falls Postcard 7
Tony’s postcard, captioned: Aerial Natural Color View of the Horseshoe Falls, Niagara Falls, Canada


I had a letter from you yesterday. I am sorry to hear that you have not received a letter from me for some time. This may be because I didn’t put enough stamps on, and it went surface mail. I will check the weight in future. I suppose by the time you receive this letter Carol will be back at home.

Glad to hear that everything is going fine for the wedding, and also very pleased you have retained your job, and got a raise too. You must be a pretty good saleswoman, I should imagine.  Well, I want to post this in Canada, so I will end now.

All my love.


PS   How’s that for travel? – Last weekend the great Smoky Mountains in North Carolina, this weekend Canada and the Niagara Falls. About 800 miles apart!!

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