26 March 65 : Crossing into Canada : London, Ontario

This continues the letter dated 23rd of March 1965, started in Cincinatti, which began: 

Dear Family,

Friday Night (Canada)

You probably think I am crazy because once again I must tell you to disregard the first part of this letter, for as you can see I am in Canada. We had another day off today as there is no work for us to do, so the boss said we could finish off for the weekend.

So we decided that as we had so much extra time we would head for Canada and the Falls. We headed north and drove solidly along a terrific road and entered Michigan (my 18th state) and into Detroit. We had a meal, filled up with petrol (it is much more expensive in Canada) and headed for the bridge.

We had to check with customs and also immigration authorities, and then drove across the bridge and into Canada. We headed east, and have stopped at London, Ontario.

Canada doesn’t seem very much different from America from the little we have seen so far. The roads certainly aren’t so good that’s for sure, but apart from that everything seems very much the same. It’s very cold here, and there is a lot of snow and more to come I think. Today we have driven about 400 miles since 3 o’clock which is pretty good going, and should be at Niagara by about lunchtime tomorrow (Saturday).

I was stopped by the police in Canada. I thought it was because I was speeding, but in actual fact it was because I had not got any rear lights. We had loaded the boot up so much with our work ‘re-boxing boxes’, that we had pulled the lights out of their sockets.

I had to show my licence, and when the cop saw my International Driving Licence he was quite thrilled, having never seen one before.

We stopped for the night in London, Ontario, in a motel and watched some Canadian TV.  It’s a cross between English and American, I would say, and quite pleasant to watch.

To be continued…

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