13 Feb 65 : visiting Connecticut and New England : New York, USA

This continues the letter dated 8 February 1965, which began:

Dear family,

Saturday 13th February

Yesterday we had to go to a place down in New Jersey on the coast, and we were quite looking forward to this trip. It was about 120 miles and through some very picturesque countryside, but we awoke to find everything blotted out by fog.

So we saw nothing, which was a great shame, but it was a pleasant relief to get out of Brooklyn. The job only took about an hour, and we then had the whole afternoon off – but we couldn’t do much due to the weather.

We decided to drive up towards Connecticut, to a place called Hartford, to see a friend of ours from London. So we drove north, past New York, and finally stopped for the night at a funny little place called Pleasantville, which is very dead, and far from pleasant, and we booked in at a motel for the weekend.

Today – Saturday – we awoke to find it a beautiful day, and we had a wonderful drive up to Hartford, via some more wonderful roads. We skirted the coast and could often see the sea and once left the turnpike to go down and have a look at the beach.

We passed through some beautiful countryside, and a lot of it looked something like England, which really isn’t so surprising as we were in what is officially called Southern New England. We also passed into our 11th state – Connecticut.

Hartford is a beautiful city and we had soon found Mervyn’s home, but were very disappointed to learn that the family had moved to California only two weeks ago, and that Mervin is somewhere in New York, but where nobody knows!! However, it wasn’t a wasted journey as the drive was very pleasant and the weather perfect.

We decided to go to Bristol, Connecticut, which was only a few miles away, and this turned out to be a very nice little place, and we chatted to several people who were thrilled to hear that we were from their namesake in England. We went to the town hall to sign the book – but it was closed, and we tried to get some postcards but there weren’t any!! So we left.

All the towns in the area were similar to ours at home – there was Plymouth, Britain, Cheshire, London, etc, all in the same area. We returned home through a very picturesque area of wooded hills and lakes to our motel.

I received two letters on Friday from Mum – one was very late, and one on time, so I am up to date again. I’m sorry to hear you now have rheumatism in your neck Mum. I hope that by now it has gone. I also hope you were able to go to the home of ‘you know who’ with Dad. It would be a shame if you missed that.

(NOTE: Tony has no idea what this refers to!)

Poor old Colin has been on a diet for the last week. He has been putting on weight these last few weeks and has had difficulty in doing up his trousers, so he is dieting and doing exercises at night. I too am putting on weight, but not too much.

Actually, although I didn’t tell you at the time, I lost a lot of weight in the first few weeks, about a stone I think, but I have put it on – plus more now. This is since we have had a car and an expense account I suppose.

Fancy the Cs turning up like that. I can imagine the flap you were in!!!

(NOTE: This was the family of Chris, who was about to marry Tony’s sister Carolyn.)

I’m very glad to hear that you will only be sniffing the ‘champers’ and not drinking it on the big day. Who is being invited – and has the dress problem been settled yet?

To be continued…

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Note: While this wasn’t the most exciting letter, bear with us – in a few days time, Tony and Colin will be hanging out with Mafia hitmen!

3 thoughts on “13 Feb 65 : visiting Connecticut and New England : New York, USA

  1. Surprising what a thrill it seems to be to meet someone from a place with the same name. I met a guy from Grimsby in Canada last year in Portugal and we immediately struck up a conversation!


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