26 Jan 65 : Memories of home – news from Bristol, UK : New York, USA

This is a continuation of the letter dated 25 January 1965, which began:

Crossway Idlewild Inn, New York

Dear Mum, Dad, Nigel, Carol and Kipp,

Tuesday 26th

Today was ‘bumper mail’ day. We received, at the place we are working, a whole backlog of mail which now puts us right up to date with the news from home.

The hold-up had been Vi, who it seems had been holding a lot of mail, and hadn’t sent it on to SKF. I had a very nice letter from Carol and a letter from Mam also. (NOTE: Tony’s sister and grandmother.)

You know it’s true what you say about us getting blasé. We have become conditioned to all this luxury, and are getting less and less impressed. We have realised this, but can’t do much about it. We will continue to be thrilled and impressed by natural wonders and views, but material things no longer make us gape.

I am at the moment in a motel room which I’m sure would make you swoon with joy, but we merely sauntered in and threw down our things, and moaned because the container of Kleenex tissues had run out!!! How blasé can you get?!!

Your remark about you and Dad sitting by the fire watching TV brought back fond memories – we haven’t seen a fire since we have been here. And poor old Dad needing a new hot water bottle – people here don’t  know what a hot water bottle is!!

Well, so now Dad has turned upholsterer, is there no end to the man’s genius?

Very pleased to hear Mrs Anderson is up and about again, please give her my regards. Also pleased to hear about the Prestige mop, I hoped you would get one of those.

Knowing you I suppose you’ll think of me every time you squeeze it out!!! How about the flush – does that still work?

Dear Mother, you have now informed me in about six letters that Dad is fitting wall heaters in the bedroom and bathroom. I have got the rough idea now, so you can knock off that subject now. I know he’s a clever guy but this is ridiculous!!

I’m sorry if my letters have been erratic lately, but this life is erratic too, and it’s difficult to keep a strict schedule. Also another reason is, believe it or not, it is quite difficult sometimes to get stamps. There are very few Post Offices here, and stamps which are sold in stores are quite expensive. So bear with me.

In Carol’s letter I had her version of the night they told you of the date of their wedding, and her description of the scene was very funny. I’m sure she must have exaggerated a bit though (although I’m not so sure about that).

Why the difference of opinion over the dress? What are Chris’s objections to ‘topper and tails‘? I hope it will be formal. I can already picture Nigel (Tony’s teenage brother) in ‘topper and tails’, he will look exactly like Screaming Lord Sutch!!

Tell Carol My Fair Lady (the film) has been here for weeks but I haven’t seen it yet – it’s very expensive. I sent her a letter today at lunch time, and when I got back to work there was a letter from her – which is a pity, as in the letter I posted, there were lots of questions which she has answered in this letter. So please explain this for me, will you?

Fancy the daffodils showing up already, I would have thought it was too early. I hope the garden will be at its best for the wedding. I suppose the date is just about right. Knowing how fanatical you two are, I’m sure it will look fabulous. I only wish I would be able to see it for myself. Perhaps you could send me a colour photograph.

I imagine it must have been the front fences that fell down, not the back. It must have been terrific winds. They did mention it on the news here.

To be continued…

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