16 Jan 65 : Serious snow and spectacular shows : New York, USA

This is a continuation of the letter dated 11th Jan 1965, which began… 

Dear Mum, Dad, Carol, Nigel and Kipp, 


We moved into New York City last night and spent the night at the Manhattan Hotel which was a great disappointment. It was a terrible place, quite old, but made to look modern, and the result was awful. It is publicised as a ‘new’ hotel but it’s a complete fraud, so we booked out this morning and moved into a Howard Johnson Motor Hotel, and we are here now.

It is beautiful and very similar to their motels. Howard Johnson is a great chain of mainly motels which are fairly high priced but very, very good. They all have swimming pools and restaurants, and are all very much alike, so therefore you know what to expect in advance, which suits me.

(continued below postcards of Howard Johnsons New York Travel Lodge…)

HoJo New York city postcardHoJo New York city postcard - rear

We will leave here on Monday morning. The temperature outside is 15 degrees F, and we are in the grips of a severe blizzard.

Two blizzards yesterday were heading for New York, and expected to meet and arrive at 10 o’clock, and sure enough they did, and so far about 6 inches has fallen and is accompanied by bitter freezing high winds, so as you can imagine we haven’t been out much yet.

We had to drive over to Brooklyn early this morning with Roger, and as you can imagine it was pretty grim. They are certainly prepared for it here though, and snow ploughs were everywhere, and even small hand-controlled snow blowers to clear the pavements.

The temperature tonight is expected to go down to 10 degrees F which is pretty low, but it still doesn’t seem that cold to us.

We have heard that Winston Churchill is very ill, and all the newspapers have devoted their front pages to him, and there are frequent news bulletins about it. He is tremendously popular here, and everyone we have spoken to talks about him. They are even talking in terms of cancelling all the Presidential Inaugural celebrations next week should he die.

Saturday evening 16th Jan 

I take back what I said about the temperature, we have just come in and the temperature outside was 10 degrees F – and boy was it cold!! There is about 6 inches of snow, and it’s still falling.

Most people here have earmuffs and hats with flaps, and I really wish I had one too. I honestly think I would wear it!!

Carey Grant Mother Goose Radio City Music Hall 1965

This afternoon we went to the Radio City Music Hall, and saw Cary Grant in ‘Father Goose’ and another very spectacular stage show. This Christmas show is always excellent apparently, so it was lucky we were here to see it.

The show had a Christmas flavour, and during the Nativity scene, there were live horses, sheep, donkeys and a camel – all on the stage at the same time!!

We couldn’t find much life in town tonight mainly due to the very cold weather, so we are, at present, in bed watching TV. We can, if we want to, watch films until 5:30 am tomorrow morning.

We have booked a car for tomorrow (a hire car) but probably due to the weather won’t be able to use it much for pleasure.

To be continued…  

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