12 Jan 65 : James Bond : Albany, USA

This is the continuation of the letter dated 11 Jan which started…

Albany, New York State

Dear Mum, Dad, Carol, Nigel and Kipp,

Tuesday 12th of January

We spent a hilarious day today doing our first ‘changeover’ at a typical little small town store. Space was so limited you couldn’t even turn around and it was so cold, we had to wear our overcoats.

We have just got back to our motel and I phoned the girls in New York, but unfortunately they have all moved out which is a pity. But we are glad they have, as it proves they are travelling and must be seeing the country, which is why we all came.

By the way, the other night we went to see the latest James Bond film called ‘Goldfinger’ –  we were amazed when the opening scene was Miami Beach, and the Eden Roc hotel where we worked.

If you go to see it there is a false opening scene, then the title and credits, and then the opening of the film proper.

(NOTE: Unfortunately the resolution’s poor, but HERE is the section of Goldfinger with footage of the hotels)

This is a view of the two most famous hotels in Miami Beach – The Eden Roc (which is on the left of the picture) and the Hotel Fontainebleau (on the right).

James Bond goes into the ‘Hotel Fontainebleau’. This is the hotel and nightclub where we took Herb and Vi on Christmas Eve, and the shot near the indoor pool in the film is near the entrance to the nightclub, so if you go to see the film you can see for yourselves what it’s really like at Miami Beach – and also, of course, it’s a very good film.

To be continued…

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