6 Jan 65 : Feeling bewildered, a pile of post, family news : New Jersey, USA

This continues the letter dated 4th January 1965, which began…

Collingswood, New Jersey

Dear Mum, Dad, Carol and Nigel,

Wednesday 6th Jan

Well, we are off on our travels again, this time north. We have been given our first assignment. We have to go to Albany, which is the capital of New York State and we shall be there for approximately 10 days, and then there is a possibility that we may go up to Buffalo on another job.

We leave on Sunday and will be met by the SKF rep for the area at Newark, which is just north of New York, and we’ll travel from there by car.

He will spend the first few days with us, which is just as well as we are both completely bewildered by all the information we have been given, especially today.

The other three, as yet, haven’t been given an assignment, so we have been lucky.


Herb has just called in on his way home from Vi’s and he has delivered some mail from home. I received TWO marathon letters from Dad which were terrific, as they contain so much news of a general nature, one from Mum with all the gossip, and one from Carol. The amount of news was almost overwhelming, but most welcome.

I don’t think we shall ever cease to eagerly await our letters. By the way don’t bother to use those little sixpenny things as it’s far better to receive a long news letter.

I’m sorry to hear Mum has been ill. I hope you are better now. I’m relieved you had a good Christmas, and I’m glad Dad was able to get down to Ton Pentre in spite of the snow.

(NOTE: Back home in Bristol, Dad’s brother Nigel was a teenage student, his sister Carolyn was a hospital nurse engaged to a dentist, and Kipper was the family dog…)

Thanks for all the news about the wedding (I had already received the news about that from Carol).

I trust she has received my letter by now about Nigel’s car, about the Christmas presents, about Kipper getting fat (is he being exercised, if not it proves who used to take him out!!) and about the weather, and the rail fares going up, and Nigel becoming half-redundant!!!

In answer to your question a) I would love some Evening Posts, but don’t bother if it is too expensive, and b) from now on send my letters to the following address:-

T L S (Changeover Crew) c/o (…) SKF Industries Inc (…) Philadelphia. P A.

This is the full address, they have agreed to forward our mail to wherever we are, as they will know where we are, and where we will be next.

I’m so glad you enjoyed the phone call so much – I thought you would.

I bet you are all thrilled about Carol coming home for a few months in April, as I expect she is too, although I’m sure she will miss all her friends in London at the hospital.

So July 30th is the big day is it?  Where will it be? And where will the reception be?  Have you decided yet? And has Mum located another hat yet?

Will you be inviting Mr and Mrs H? (Note: Colin’s parents.) If they go, they can tell me all about it when they come over.

To be continued… 

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