18 Dec 64 : Sizzling hot! : Miami Beach 

The Century Hotel, 140 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach 39, Florida. 

Friday December 18th 1964

Dear Mum Dad Nigel and Carol,

I wish at this moment I was back in ‘Merrie England’ as they call it here. I am at the moment sitting in my underpants only, and still can’t get cool.

It’s been a scorcher today, 81 degrees all day, and now at 11:30pm it’s still 77 degrees.

As soon as we finished work at 3:40 we went straight out and fell into the sea, and oh boy was that good!!

Colin is at work tonight – he has worked two shifts in a row, which means he will work from 8 this morning until 2 o’clock tomorrow morning with a two hour break from 3:40 to 5.40. So he should be pretty tired. I am doing the same thing tomorrow

I have been working as a houseman today on the 14th floor, and Colin was in charge of the linen room. I had to go down and get my supplies from him, so as you can imagine we made a funny pair. I didn’t know what I had to get – and anyway he didn’t know where it was!! However, as usual we got by.

I have just been watching TV and saw Malcolm Muggeridge, who apparently is very popular here, and he reduced the audience to stitches simply by generally running down Britain in every way he could think of, namely MPs, royalty, Miss Keeler, Mr Profumo, the Beatles and the Government. He couldn’t get away with what he said at home, but here they seem to be able to say anything on TV.

To be continued… 

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